The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

40 years ago, five youths on a weekend getaway in the Texas countryside fell prey to a butcher in a mask made of human skin and his cannibalistic family, and horror cinema would never be the same. Violent, confrontational, and shockingly realistic, director Tobe Hooper’s THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE terrified audiences in a way never thought possible when it was unleashed on a politically and socially tumultuous America in 1974. Facing a storm of controversy, censorship, and outcry throughout its troubled release, this masterpiece of horror has stood the test of time to become a landmark motion picture and cultural milestone.

“The most horrifying picture I have ever seen.”
Rex Reed

“Still packs the same punch it did when it first changed the face of horror.”

Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist)

Marilyn Burns (Helter SkelterEaten Alive)
Allen Danziger
Paul A. Partain (Race With The Devil)
William Vail

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