Henry II: Portrait of a Serial Killer


HENRY II: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER picks up where the original left off, with Henry (Neil Giuntoli, The Shawshank Redemption) taking a room with husband and wife Kai (Rich Komenich, The Amityville Horror) and Cricket (Kate Walsh, Grey’s Anatomy). When Henry learns that Kai has a side job as an arsonist-for-hire, setting up phony insurance scams to make money for their boss, he agrees to join Kai on one of his outings. During one of their late-night jobs, they discover two squatters in a building that’s been marked for fire. It is then that Henry introduces Kai to his life’s work…and the murders begin.

“Fascinating to watch…”
– The New York Times

“Well-crafted, preserves the warped spirit of the original.”
– The Chicago Tribune

Chuck Parello

Neil Giuntoli (The Shawshank Redemption)
Rich Komenich (The Amityville Horror)
Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy)


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