Spider Baby


This highly influential cult classic from writer-director Jack Hill (Switchblade Sisters, Foxy Brown) tells the demented and darkly comic tale of the Merrye children – Elizabeth (Beverly Washburn), Virginia ( Jill Banner) and Ralph (Sid Haig) – all of whom suffer from a rare genetic malady that causes its victims to mentally regress to a condition of “pre-human savagery and cannibalism.” The children live in the old family mansion, and though under the cautious guardianship of chauffeur Bruno (Lon Chaney Jr.), they manage to terrorize anyone or anything which passes through the gates. So when the family is visited by a pair of distant relatives and their greedy lawyer, a wild night of murderous thrills ensues.

Jack Hill (Switchblade SistersFoxy Brown)

Beverly Washburn (The Lone Ranger)
Jill Banner
Sid Haig (The Devil’s RejectsHouse of 1000 Corpses)
Lon Chaney Jr. (The Wolf Man)


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